What Attachment Style are You and How did that Originate?

Through the use of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Therapeutic Art Directives, Dream Work, and Psycho-Education we begin to explore where our social patterns first originated and how they continue to affect us today in relationship. Once identified, this is a tool you may use to support you in life.

This course is intended to allow a deeper understanding who you are so you may cultivate the inner strength and Self Love to connect to others in healthy ways.


  • The way we connect with others and the way we stay connected is an integral part of being human.
  • These attachments styles have so much to do with our first 7 years in life and the ways that our caregivers loved and cared for us.
  • In this Course, we will explore the different attachment styles and ways that these play out.
  • Once we are able to recognize our patterns that are playing out subconsciously in our lives, we are able also, to move beyond and through those.

In the next section we will look closer at how AnxiousAvoidant and Secure attachment styles are created and ways of giving ourselves as adults, the nurturing needing to

move into a Secure Attachment style.

Feeling secure in the way we connect with others will help to bring more harmonious and balanced relationships and friendships into our lives.

Understanding and Moving away from CoDependent Relationships
Healing Abandonment & Attachment by Looking at Where it Began
Opening Your Heart to Others in Safe & Healthy Ways


Creating Healthy Connections by

Exploring Where our Attachment Styles Originated


Charmaine has been an integral part of my healing journey. Her workshops are truly transformational. She facilitates a unique opportunity to dig deep in a safe and supportive environment. I find it is difficult to do all of our healing work alone. Feeling supported, heard, seen and lifted up by others who’ve experienced trauma and pain can be incredibly beneficial.

Combining art and breathwork is so powerful. It brings us fully into the present moment and pulls us out of the fight or flight mode so many of us live in constantly.

I am so grateful for Charmaine. She has honestly been such a gift and I can’t wait to attend more classes to continue on life’s never ending journey of healing and self discovery. It is a beautiful thing!!!

Caitlyn Dixon