What is a Secure Attachment Pattern?

  • Comfortable being close and affectionate with others but also okay with being alone.
  • Able to openly communicate your needs and also cater to the needs of your partner.
  • Have positive beliefs about others’ intentions.
  • Able to handle rejection well and not play games.
  • Can engage in healthy conflict, without causing insult or injury.
  • Expect good things to happen to you and believe that you are worthy of this.
  • You have Well-developed instincts around relationships- you know when a relationship is no longer healthy and will act on this.

How We Can Connect

in Healthy & Nourishing Ways

When following the three stage model of trauma therapy, the final stage is in Connecting to Others. This is where the lasting healing will come from.

In this Course, you are invited to examine the way that you connect with others; focussing on developing tools and strengths for this connection to come from a place of pure acceptance of yourself.

Our journey now will center on sharing our lives with the world around us in ways that has meaning, purpose and acceptance.

In this COURSE we will learn:

  • The ways we reach out or do not reach out when we are needing extra support.
  • Reparenting Your Inner Child
  • How do we engage with others?
  • Do we have strong boundaries? Too strong maybe?
  • Do we tend to shut others out and rely solely on ourselves for support?
  • Are our boundaries more diffuse and we prefer to merge with others, sometimes not even knowing what feelings belong to us and those to another.
  • How do we keep our relationships contained in a way that we still feel we are being met, loved and seen?

Learn the Art of Allowing Safer, Nourishing Relationships into your life
Reparenting Old Wounds that Have Never had a Chance to Heal
Finding Joy in Connecting with Community to Bring a Greater Sense of Purpose to Life



Develop a Secure Attachment Style

Reparenting Ourselves to Feel Safe & Secure in Relationships

Fantastic Facilitator!

I had the great pleasure and honour of collaborating with Charmaine on a variety of retreats over the last years held through the Sacred Journey Retreat Forums both in Canada and Internationally. Her expertise and deep caring approach to this work is to be commended along with her highly skilled professional contributions which enhanced and added a lot to our programs and were greatly appreciated by the participants. She is a multi talented teacher and therapist with much to offer.

-Khyati Veronica Holman

Creative Director: Sacred Journey Retreats & Wellness Center