How We Can Connect in Healthy & Nourishing Ways

How We Can Connect in Healthy & Nourishing Ways

The Importance of Reaching out

When following the three stage model of trauma therapy, the final stage is in connecting to others. This is where the lasting healing will come from. We have already worked to find safety, and remembered and tapped into what the mystical experience was like for us and the lasting relationship we now have with that experience. Now you are invited to examine the way that you connect with others; focussing on developing tools and strengths for this connection to come from a place of pure acceptance of yourself. Our journey now will center on sharing our lives with the world around us in ways that has meaning, purpose and acceptance.

A measurement of true healing and growth can be seen in the healthy ways we reach out to others. In these next modules, we will look at the ways we reach out or do not reach out when we are needing extra support. How do we engage with others? Do we have strong boundaries? Too strong maybe? Do we tend to shut others out and rely solely on ourselves for support? Or are our boundaries more diffuse and we prefer to merge with others, sometimes not even knowing what feelings belong to us and those to another.

After looking at the ways we connect with others within healthy and supportive systems, we will also look at actions one can take to connect in a way that feels contained. Life and relationships require balance. You wouldn't eat carrots alone and expect a balanced diet, and the same goes for our friendships and support systems. You wouldn't see a dentist when you had a broken leg. There may be someone in your life you do feel you can share everything with but there may also be other parts of your experiences that you would rather share with another. How do we keep our relationships contained in a way that we still feel we are being met, loved and seen? This module will be focusing on that and also the very important area of integrating your Mystical experience through community and connection.

There is a saying that "the other person is you" which refers to the people in our lives being a mirror for ourselves. Sometimes this mirror can show us parts of our self we never knew existed, and other times people around us can show us parts of our self we do not want in our lives anymore.

It is in relationship that the deeper levels of healing are able to rise to the surface to be cleared and cleansed. When we walk in the world without constantly judging ourselves, we begin to have a greater awareness and compassion for others as well.

I encourage you, if it feels right, to join in our private Integration group to connect with others that have had similar experiences; through this program and through having a mystical experience. There may be some great resources you share or just a feeling of extra support you may not be experiencing from those in your immediate circle. There are also many different groups you can connect with online or in meet-up groups to share with others who have had similar experiences to your own. Here are a list:

Our own private Facebook Integration group

Canadian Psychedelic Society

FB groups- plant medicine

Meet up groups discussing integration or neuroplasticity


If you are in crisis or need someone to talk to immediately, please go to the worldwide crisis line: ‚ÄčOr if you are in Canada visit: or call : 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645. Private individual art therapy and counselling sessions are also available by contacting me at [email protected]

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