Table of Contents


Understanding Our Attachment Styles


What We Will be Exploring in This Module: 

Attachment Styles

  • What are the Different ways that people attach to one another

What Creates Our Attachment Styles in Relationships?

  • Looking from the lens of Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Quiz: What is Your Attachment Style?

  • Figuring out personal patterns and what they mean 

Creatively Mapping Your Past Relationships

  • Understanding and Navigating Patterns

Yoga Kriya for Cultivating Self Reliance

A Meditation to Heal Attachment

Sacred Geometry for Rerouting Neuropathways V

  • Creating Connection with The Flower of Life

Journaling and Reflections

  • Expanding on Your Meditation and Art Making to Dive Deeper


  • Continue Exploring Your Dreams Using Art and Reflection for Deeper Meaning in Waking Life

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