Table of Contents

MODULE 4: Falling In Love with Self


Introduction to Module Four

Falling in Love with Self

  • Accepting All Parts of Self as Divine Perfection

Continuing Your 40 Day Practice

  • Meditation to Calm the Heart

Art Directive: Map of Self

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga for Enhancing Your Inner & Outer Beauty


Meditation for Creating Self Love

Art Therapy Directive

Creating Mandalas for a Deeper Reflection of Self

Understanding and Accepting Self with Portraits

Sacred Geometry for Rerouting Neural Pathways IV

What is Sacred Geometry- Review

Spirals, The Golden Ratio & Creating Your Own Sacred Spirals

Understanding Neuroplasticity

The Power of Your Breath on Brain Health and Emotional Regulation

Optimizing Brain Function with Art, Yoga & Meditation: Rerouting Your Neurotransmitters

Journaling and Reflections

Expanding on Your Meditation and Art Making to Dive Deeper


Continue Exploring Your Dreams Using Art and Reflection for Deeper Meaning in Waking Life

Complete and Continue