Table of Contents


Exploring Your Relationship to the Psychedelic Experience


What We Will be Exploring in This Module

Your Relationship to the Experience

  • Remembering Your Experience and Integrating the Tools Learned

What is the Default Mode Network?

  • How Mindfulness & Meditation Re-route Our Brain’s Neuropathways

Kundalini Yoga to Strengthen Our Inner Power

  • Focussing on the Navel Center

Meditation to Get to the Root of a Problem

  • Six Steps of Focussing by Eugene Gendlin

Healing with Art & Collage

  • Reflecting on Our Past, Present & Future

Sacred Geometry for Rerouting Neuropathways III

  • Creating the Seed of Life & Egg of Life

Journaling and Reflections

  • Expanding on Your Meditation and Art Making to Dive Deeper


  • Continue Exploring Your Dreams Using Art and Reflection for Deeper Meaning in Waking Life