Your Relationship to the Experience: Remembering Your Experience and Integrating the Tools Learned

Your Relationship to the Experience

Remembering Your Experience and Integrating the Tools Learned

Long after one has their mystical experience, whether that be through meditation or using an entheogenic like plant medicines, the energy of this encounter lives on. For those journeying with Ayahuasca for example, people often speak of the spirit of the plant remaining with them. In Shamanic teachings, Elders speak about certain plants holding an energy and power that stays with the person who has ingested them, whether psychotropic of not. One is invited then to continue this relationship and recognize the spirit of the plant as becoming another guide for that person. Working to create and sustain a long standing relationship to different plant medicines has been proven for many to be a great support and resource.

For those whose mystical experiences have come from deep meditation or a Kundalini Awakening, there too is a moment in time where the conscious construction of the physical reality we live in transcends and dissolves. By tapping into the insights that are acquired during these moments and solidifying them in the body as a visceral memory, we are again invited to tap into these as resources and supports. Whether one believes these to be outside of the self and coming from a power large than ourselves like Source Energy, Spirit or God, or believes the experiences to originate within one's self, the idea is the same. Accessing the memory of that moment or the spirit that was with you, can become a great resource.

I invite you in your meditations and even in your art making during this module and throughout the course, to recognize not only the wisdom gained, but the path that took you to that wisdom. If it is available to you, work to develop a relationship to this path to bring you back into that moment of transcendence and deep inner wisdom you experienced. Like remembering a dream; the more we work to remember, the less likely we will be to forget.

Personally, I find calling in the spirit of different plants I have dieted when needed, has been a great resource and tool for me, the same as calling in my guides and angels when I need extra support. Give it a try and you will find that your mystical experience becomes further integrated into your daily life and the healing benefits you experienced live with you daily and long into the future.

What sometimes happens with Mystical experiences or non-ordinary states is that people can become addicted to the heightened experience and continue going back for more, over and over again. But like any medicine we take, it is for healing and should not be abused or over-used. This is my recommendation to watch out for. Anything used in excess can stop being medicine. Take this time to integrate your experience deeply so that you may gain the most from the benefits.

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