Table of Contents



Introduction to Module Two: Creating Safety

Strengthening Resources

  • Continuing a Relationship to The Medicine and Identify Other Resources that Support You

Continuing Your 40 Day Practice

  • Meditation to Calm the Heart

Kundalini Yoga

Using Meditation and Kriya to Continue Building the Aura

  • What is the Electromagnetic Field that Surrounds the Body?


Meditation for Balancing the Brain’s Hemispheres

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Sodhan)

Art Therapy Directive

Connecting to Your Inner Power with Art

  • Somatically Experiencing Your Inner Power

Who or What Helps You Feel Supported?

  • Creating a 3 Dimensional Representation of a Relationship that Supports You in Life.

Sacred Geometry for Rerouting Neuropathways II

What is Sacred Geometry?

The Vesica Pisces

Understanding Neuroplasticity

How Breathing Patterns Affect Your Nervous System

  • Experiential to Instantly Regulate Emotions with Breath

Journaling and Reflections

Connecting Deeper to the Therapeutic Benefits of Creating & Your Continued Relationship to The Medicine


Continue Exploring Your Dreams Using Art and Reflection for Deeper Meaning in Waking Life

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